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All of the contents of this Site, including but not limited to the linked manuscript entitled A PATH TO RESUME AESTHETIC CARE – PROJECT AesCert™ GUIDANCE: PRACTICAL CONSIDERATIONS FOR AESTHETIC MEDICINE PROFESSIONALS SUPPORTING CLINIC PREPAREDNESS IN RESPONSE TO THE SARS-CoV-2 OUTBREAK (the “Manuscript”), summaries of and references to certain elements of the Guidance, various forms and checklists included as exhibits to the Guidance and also available as downloadable assets (“Exhibits”), and the logo associated with Project AesCert, in downloadable and other form (together with the Exhibits, the “Practice Resources”) (and the Practice Resources together with the Manuscript are referred to, collectively, as the “Guidance”), are subject to the Terms of Use, and are provided solely on an advisory basis for informational and educational purposes only.

Disclaimers and Release Regarding Project AesCert Guidance

Given the high degree of variability in the COVID-19 outbreak across the country, the Guidance expresses no view on whether or when it is appropriate for any particular aesthetic office to reopen or remain open. That decision is a function of the public health conditions in, and corresponding government standards for, each community and medical practice, including but not limited to state executive orders, CDC guidelines, and state and local health department notifications. All of these elements are highly variable by region, and also highly dynamic over time. As they evolve, particularly with respect to disease prevalence and public health resources, including testing capacity, contact tracing, and treatment and vaccine availability, many elements of the AesCert Guidance will bear reconsideration. Upon reopening, aesthetic offices should continue to monitor and be responsive to changes in all such public health conditions and applicable government pronouncements in their respective communities, which are likely to evolve over time, and may periodically require greater restrictions. The Guidance is not intended to contravene any such government standards, which supersede this Guidance in the event of any conflict.

The Guidance is necessarily based upon, and its applicability limited to, public health conditions, testing and treatment capabilities, government standards and the overall state of scientific understanding of SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 as of the date of publication on or about May 1, 2020. All of these elements are highly dynamic, and providers, staff and patients should consider all such future changes in evaluating the continued applicability of the Guidance in practice. Any duty to update the Guidance subsequent to the date of publication is expressly disavowed. The information in the Guidance addresses issues that are rapidly evolving, and We make no representation that the information will remain current and applicable for any period of time. The reader should verify that the information provided has not be altered by more recent public health, medical, scientific, regulatory, legal, or federal, state or local governmental laws, regulations, executive orders, guidelines, or other actions.

The AesCert Guidance does not and cannot insulate healthcare providers, staff or patients from the risk of COVID-19. All aesthetic care involves risk of complications, including the risk of disease transmission. This risk is materially greater during an ongoing pandemic. And it is greater still while community spread continues to occur in certain areas, in the absence of widely available and reliable testing, and without a vaccine or other validated treatment protocol. This virus and disease still elude scientific and medical understanding. Given this reality, for those who nonetheless wish to seek, or provide, aesthetic care during this pandemic, the Guidance provides a framework for modulating the inescapable risks wherever feasible, and providing the most prudent clinical environment possible under these extraordinary circumstances.

The Guidance does not and cannot modify or establish any standard of care, or embody an exhaustive list of safety measures required to safely conduct business and deliver care in a medical aesthetic setting. The principles and considerations contained in this Guidance should not be deemed inclusive of all proper methods of care nor exclusive of other methods of care reasonably directed to obtaining the same results. Rather, the Guidance is intended to provide aesthetic physicians and their staff with an additional set of principles and considerations for delivering aesthetic care safely, and generally conducting business responsibly during pendency of the COVID- 19 pandemic.

The Project AesCert logo, Exhibits and other Practice Resources are subsidiary elements of, and must be considered for use only in conjunction with the totality of the principles and considerations throughout, the Manuscript and overall Guidance. Utilization of, or reliance upon, any such individual element, or combination of elements, in the absence of consideration of the entirety of the Guidance, by either providers or patients, is strongly discouraged. Before making any healthcare or other decision in reliance on any logo, Exhibits, other Practice Resources, displays, signage, written or verbal messaging, or other indicia in any form from a medical practice regarding purported incorporation or adoption of some or all of the Guidance in such practice, patients are encouraged to consider making inquiry of the practice regarding the nature and extent of the practice’s conformance with, or deviation from, the totality of the principles, protocols and other considerations throughout the full Guidance.

It is axiomatic that all such considerations regarding incorporating any or all of the principles or other elements of the Guidance into a medical practice are subject to the ultimate judgment of each individual healthcare professional, based on practice location and layout, patient situation, procedure details, office environment, staffing constraints, equipment and testing availability, local legal and public health conditions, and applicable standards of care. The final determination regarding the propriety of any specific safety measures, medical facility and staff management policies and practices, health screening protocols, procedure or other treatment protocols, patient interactions, testing, contact tracing, and all other matters addressed by the Guidance for any individual facility and medical practice must be made by the responsible physician(s) and other trained and qualified healthcare personnel responsible for managing the practice in light of all applicable circumstances.

The Guidance is published on an open source basis and made available to the general public. Neither the Organization nor its parent or affiliates or any respective directors, officers or employees thereof, nor the Editorial Review Board of or other Contributors to the Guidance, nor any other person or entity has any ability, or undertakes any effort, to track, audit or validate which practices purport to incorporate the Guidance in their aesthetic offices, and if so to what extent. Rather, practices decide independently whether, and if so to what extent, they wish to utilize the Guidance, and whether and if so how they elect to display or communicate it to their patients. The Organization, its parent and all affiliates, the respective directors, officers and employees thereof, and the Editorial Review Board of and other Contributors to the Guidance, categorically do not monitor or certify any adoption of, conformance with, or display or messaging about the Guidance, or any logos, Exhibits or other Practice Resources, by any medical practices, nor do they offer, suggest or imply any such certification, approval or endorsement for the benefit of, or otherwise to be relied upon by, any patient, physician, healthcare provider, staff, or other individual or entity.

The information in the Guidance provides general information, is not customized to any particular facts, and should not be relied upon or construed as specific or general medical or legal advice. The Guidance is not a substitute for obtaining qualified medical, legal or other applicable expert professional advice. The Guidance is provided “As Is.” The Guidance is offered with no express or implied warranty or guarantee. You agree to be solely responsible for your use of the Guidance. You agree that the Organization is not liable for any action or inaction you take or fail to take directly or indirectly related to the Guidance. In exchange for receiving access to the Guidance, including but not limited to the Exhibits and other Practice Resources, the value of which as fair and adequate consideration is hereby stipulated, you hereby unequivocally release the members of the Editorial Review Board of the Guidance, other contributors to the Guidance, the Organization, its parent company and all affiliate entities, and each of their respective owners, partners, investors, shareholders, directors, officers, employees, agents, contractors, consultants, service providers, successors, predecessors, and assigns, from all past, present, and future claims, demands, damages, losses, liabilities, costs and expenses (including, but not limited to, reasonable attorneys’ fees), of any sort, at law or equity, arising out of or otherwise related directly or indirectly to any use or reliance, in whole or in part, on the Guidance. We do not warrant the accuracy or completeness of the Guidance, and assume no responsibility for any injury or damage to persons or property arising out of or related to any use of this Guidance or for any errors or omissions.

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